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THE CASTLE - play with English subtitles - May 17

9 maja 2019

K., the main character of The Castle, has escaped from his former life, left his wife, children and arrived in a new place, where he's trying to start from the scratch. He is a wanderer searching for the meaning of his freedom.

K. is travelling to the castle to get the position of a geometrist and at the same time runs aways from the castle, unwilling to comply with the rules obeyed by the members of the community. He wants to be free and at the same time live in a pack. The relationship with Frieda is to prove his recognition in the community, but love also requires him to give up a part of his freedom willingly. K. tries to reconcile what appears unreconcilable. Alternating between proceeding to the castle and a relationship with another person, in the end he chooses freedom, which, without any contribution to the collective, proves empty and completely useless.

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